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Collegiate QSO Party to Debut in September

Collegiate QSO Party to Debut in September

Collegiate QSO Party to Debut in September

ARRL’s Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI) will sponsor the first Collegiate QSO Party in mid-September, just as the fall semester gets under way. The new operating event is part of the larger effort to promote a renaissance of Amateur Radio clubs on college and university campuses.

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Golden Globe Race 2018


I am finalizing the site that will serve as an interface between radio amateurs, you and your loved ones. There will be some changes to improve the ergonomics: here is the address

The radio amateurs will find the news of the race, the marine weather, how to read a weather report, where to download the bulletin, the page of the skippers and a live chat to get in touch with your relatives, via the radio amateur who will be in frequency at this moment there.
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New 6W HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Portable Transceiver – FT-818

We are pleased to announce the new HF/ VHF/ UHF All Mode Portable Transceiver – FT-818.FT818_rightThe new FT-818 incorporates all the attractive features of the ever-popular FT-817ND while providing upgrades desired by many existing owners.
The FT-818 provides 6W of solid output power with an external DC power source. The supplied Ni-MH battery pack (SBR-32MH) has been upgraded to now provide larger battery capacity – 9.6v/ 1900mAh.… Lire la suite


This year we are doing a “tribute to Commandant Cousteau who disappeared 20 years ago for his work for the next generations and to protect the planet.”

TM20CC will be transmitting from several locations all across France (this is a shared call-sign, a  network of many stations).

We hope to have plenty of contacts with the USA because Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU used to produced his movies in Los Angeles with his American friends and lastly the Calypso ship was based in Norfolk,Virginia.… Lire la suite